Le Petit AtÚlier

A merging of worlds,
a crucible of visions

Since the dawn of ages, there has been a magic able to transfigure the ethereal purity of empyrean ideas into the sensible frames of existence.

Inspiration is the name conferred upon this secret force.

Through its might, those who were imbued with genius are now able to give corporeal substance to visions, dreams and ideals, translating them into the stuff the world is made on, endowing them with form and consistency and enshrouding their exclusivity with eternity.

The enchanted place where this miracle happens is a blessed spot in the universe. Only here the two planes of existence, spiritual and corporeal, simultaneously coexist. Here, abstraction of ideas and substantiality of matter pervade and complete each other, in a perpetual state of mutual penetration.
Here, Time halts and Space is moulded into sculptures of dream and forms of wonder.

LANIMAH’s Petit Atélier is one of these places. A space simultaneously real and chimerical; a spiritual yet corporeal sphere where the harmonious beating of our heart invests us with a precious gift: the power of incarnating the pure yet ephemeral ideas into tangible and enduring works of art.

Here, inspired master artisans take care in crafting their magic, skillfully weaving together fine carvings, elegant mouldings and precious gems, to recount the love tale that links a human being and a beloved pet.

Here, through the force of perfection, the spell of afflatus and perpetuity of Art, each of those privileged instants that compose the intricate weave of two destinies is forever inscribed in Time.