Our Company


LANIMAH is a Swiss brand, which designs the most eclusive luxury products for dogs and cats. The company, LANIMAH SA founded in 2011, represents a new and revolutionary way to conceive high-end luxury products and services for pets. LANIMAH's goal has always been to discover original and profound ways to honour the love and the universe of emotions which exist between human beings and animals, by creating works which have a unique appeal and distinction.
Every work of art guarantee exceptional quality and preciseness, and is entirely produced in Switzerland. Each piece is unique, characterised by meticulous attention to detail; for this reason, each realisation can take several months or even years. 
The selection of materials, used by master artisans to craft the works, includes, besides the carbon fibre, materials from an ethical source, certified according to ‘responsible and ethical sourcing' criteria. 

The works can be made on a commission basis, in order to satisfy each costumer's specific desire. In this, play a pivotal role the features of the animal which the work is made for, such as physical predispositions, movements, character and personal story. Moreover, the safety and security of the animal are a fundamental priority, which affect the whole process of conception and creation.